Express Yourself Politically

Protest takes many different forms. One medium I choose to express my political views through are stamps. My stamps are artistic, and cannot be substituted for proper USPS postage. However, these stamps may be added to a letter if proper USPS postage is attached.

My father passed away in 2015 and I inhereted his stamp collection. His collection was in disarray and I wanted to preserve it. I found myself looking at images of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington while listening to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s presidential debates. The tone and rhetoric of the debates didn’t sit right with me, so I created a Donald Trump “No Cents” stamp. Currently, as I watch the COVID-19 virus unfold, I’m frustrated with our elected leaders who don’t seem to be focused on leading America through this worldwide pandemic.

I don’t consider myself a politically motivated person, but I’ve realized that many of the problems we face as a nation aren’t going to be solved from the top down. The purpose of my stamps are to express my political and artisic sentiments. If my stamps offend you, then please accept my apologies and don’t buy them. If the message in my stamps resonates with you, then consider purchasing a sheet and reclaim a bit of your sanity. I have to admit, it feels awfully good to send a message on your message.

  • Donald Trump “No Cents” Stamps: 56-self adhesive stamps/sheet
  • Make America Well Again: 18-gummed and perforated stamps/sheet

NOTE: 25% of profits will be donated to CDC Foundation or you can make a donation directly here.

A special shout out to BoingBoing for writing up an article about the “No Cents” stamp on their website, and to many of you (from around the world) who have purchased a set of stamps. Thank you.

Note: These images have been copyrighted and registered with the US Copyright office. You may not use these, or any image on this website without written permission.

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