Project Description

Mulled Wine Holiday Promotion

This self-promotional piece makes a big impression on a modest budget. I cut a holiday pattern out of a mailing tube using a laser cutter and lined the inner tube with red foil wrapping paper to make the filigree pattern stand out.

Inside the kit was a small bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, a cylindrical tin container with a mulled wine spice mix, and a recipe to make a warm, aromatic, mulled holiday wine. The recipe made a single serving and directed recipients to a landing page on my website, where they could download the full recipe, and see some of my new client work.


  • First Place–Self-Promotion Design Category, American Design Awards, 2010 Winter Semi-Annual Contest, Blind Jury Review, San Diego, CA. Published in “Semi-Annual Design Contest Winners.” American Design Awards. Feb 2010.
  • Award of Excellence–Promotional Packaging Category, American Package Design Awards, Juried Review, New York, NY. Published in “American Package Design Awards: Packaging, Point of Sale and Visual Merchandising.” GD USA. Mar 2010: 111. Print.
  • Best of Category–Self Promotion Category, American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards 26, Blind Jury Review, Ashland, KY. Published in Stephens, Suzanna. American Graphic Design & Advertising. American Corporate ID, Jun 2012.
  • Award of Excellence–Promotion Category, Sabä Dö Graphix Spring 2011 Graphic Design Awards Competition, Juried Review, Albuquerque, NM. Published in “Spring 2011 Graphic Design Awards.” Sabä Dö Graphix Magazine. Spring 2011: 71. Print.