Project Description

Fail Beautifully

Fail Beautifully was a promotional piece for my agency, Accomplish Studios, LLC—of which I am the sole proprietor. I believe failure is the barometer for the richness of your creative process, so this promotional piece is meant to help clients understand that failure is an integral part of the design process—not something to be avoided at every step. In the end, the beautiful failures you make along the way is what helps give each design solution authenticity and moxie.

When I teach classes in the Communication Design major at Elon University I stress the importance of taking calculated risks and failing beautifully—meaning you can’t always play it safe. Fear is the enemy of the creative mind and if you spend too much time worrying about failing, you truncate your ability to experiment, learn from your mistakes, and create something new and unique.


  • American Graphic Design Award: Self-Promotions category. Graphic Design USA • New York, NY