Project Description

The Dreamer Becomes the Designer

My goal was to engineer a card that gave the recipient an impression of my creativity and technical abilities in a very simple format while demonstrating that creative and cost-effective solutions are well within a client’s budget.

I referenced Eadweard Muybridge’s photographic studies when designing the looping walk cycle that is played by the act of opening the card. A series of seven images loop in a sequence giving the impression that the duration of the walk cycle is longer than it actually is. The card and envelope were printed on a digital press and trimmed on a laser cutter. The price of this self-promotional piece is very economical, with the cards costing less than one dollar each.


  • Published in Woolman, Matt. Visual 100s: Formats, Folds &amp Bindings. London: Angela Patchell Books, Ltd, 2008. 136.
  • Winner–Self-Promotion Category, American Graphic Design and Advertising Awards 24, Blind Jury Review, Ashland, KY. Published in Carter, David, and Suzanna Stephens. American Corporate Identity. New York: American Corporate ID, 2008. 116.
  • Gold ADDY Award–Self Promotion Category, Third District American Advertising Federation Award, Blind Jury Review, Charlotte, NC.
  • Gold ADDY Award–Self Promotion Category, Western Virginia American Advertising Federation Award, Blind Jury Review, Roanoke, VA.
  • Award of Merit–Self Promotion Category, Greater Richmond Award for Design Excellence 4, Blind Jury Review, Richmond, VA.