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Oh @#$% I’m Graduating!

Oh @#$% I’m Graduating! A Student’s Guide to Creating a Killer Portfolio is a full color, 200+ page book filled with useful, actionable advice to help your student’s portfolios stand out in all the right ways. Inside this book students will learn to:

  • Target a specific audience with their portfolio
  • Identify the type of work that appeals to this audience
  • Develop a personalized narrative for their portfolio
  • Set deadlines to establish deadlines, stay focused, and use their resources wisely
  • Determine what work to put in their portfolio
  • Brand themselves
  • Decide on the format of their portfolio
  • Learn to harness social media and networking strategies
  • Hear what various professionals have to say

This book was written with both faculty and students’ needs in mind. This book is easy-to-read and has clear objectives. This book was written to provide faculty with opportunities to share their personal experiences and gives students the tools they need to work smarter—not harder!

If you’re tired of getting dinged on your teacher evaluations for your students not liking the textbook, then give your students a book that will leave school them feeling confident and prepared instead of panicking when they realize, “Oh @#$% I’m Graduating!”


2017—American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA: New York, NY.


You can purchase a copy of this book on by clicking on the purchase button below. If you are a faculty member and would like a desk reference copy of this textbook, then please go to Kendal Hunt and request a “review copy” of the book.

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