The Democratic Lecture

I was checking my email this morning and an entry called “The Democratic Lecture” posted by Creative Review caught my eye. Graphic designer and visiting lecturer Craig Oldham has created a rather unique system to deliver lectures to his classes. He created a website where students can pick five of his lectures that they find most interesting and then he will lecture on these topics.

Oldham states, “In lecturing at Universities around the country, I’ve always held a bit of a principle that I didn’t really think students would get all that much from a lecturer just talking through slide-after-slide of a portfolio of work. Surely there was a bit more insight I could offer into the industry that they’re all busting their chops to get into. And, a few lectures later, I came up with the Democratic Lecture.”

Students who don’t get to hear the lecturer that they voted for (because it lacked enough votes) can read through the lecture in Professor Oldham’s book. I purchased the book this morning for around $40 (includes shipping) and I’m looking forward to reading it!

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