Express Yourself Politically

Protest takes on many different forms. The medium I chose to express my political views through was postage stamps. My stamps are decorative and they cannot be substituted for proper USPS postage. However, these stamps may be added to a letter if proper USPS postage is also attached—similar to a Christmas seal. To purchase a sheet of 56 self-adhesive Donald Trump Stamps, please click on the PayPal button below and choose the USA or International shipping option.

My father passed away in 2015 and I inherited his stamp collection. The collection was is a state of disarray and I was going through it while listening to the 2016 presidential debates. I found myself looking at images of Franklin, Jefferson, and Washington, but listening to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Like many others, I felt stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Frustrated by the lack of common sense from either side I knew that the problems we face weren’t going to be solved from the top down. From immigration to North Carolina’s own House Bill 2, I realized that I wanted to use my design skills to become more politically, socially, and culturally engaged—these stamps are part of my effort to do so.

A special thanks to BoingBoing for writing up an article about me on their site. If you happen to see these stamps mentioned on the Web or via your favorite social media channels, please let me know. We’ve been fortunate enough to place orders globally including Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom, and more!

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Donald Trump 0¢ Stamp