Norm’s Ale

NORM’S ALE This packaging solution was created by Drew Ellis in Packaging Design and refined in Advanced Visual Communication Design. Drew comments, “This project was a microbrew beer redesign from Big Rock Chophouse in Birmingham, MI, with the goal of creating an original yet vintage western style design. During this conceptual project I explored various materials and application methods.” DrewR
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White Lightning

WHITE LIGHTNING This design solution was created by Casey Stoneman. Casey comments, “White Lightning brings to mind an images of moonshine. I drew inspiration from moonshine photographs and memorabilia from West Virginia hills in the 1930’s. My solution is bold and simple with a rustic and traditional homemade feel.” Designer: Casey Stoneman Class: Advanced Visual Communications
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Lovely Cuts

LOVELY CUTS This packaging and branding concept was created by Gabby Valdespino. Gabby comments, “I created the logo and branding for Lovely Cuts, based on an older Mom & Pop type of aesthetic with a touch of humor. I screen-printed the wrapping for the meats as well as aprons for the butchers. Finally, I created other various items that would be found inside a shop like this such as bumper stickers and a
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