Design is All Around Us

I was looking through some old websites I bookmarked today and I stumbled upon Hongkiat.com where I saw an article about customizing your Android phone’s home screen. While reading the article I saw a theme that resonated with me and my love of surfing. Within minutes I was thinking that I should have my students customize their smart phones as a short project in one of my classes.

Design is all around us. Everyday. Everywhere. I believe design is an instrument of organization, a means of relating objects to people, a medium for persuasion, and a way for humans to cope with the complexity of daily life. Right now, my life is pretty complex… I’d love to have a home screen on my phone to help remind me to put things in perspective—I think I may have found a new project to work on over Christmas break and I couldn’t be happier.

  1. Alma Hoffmann Reply
    Love this short post! Yes, design is all around us as it should be. Because as you stated it is about organizing, persuading, and help people go around life. I love surfing too. I tried to learn once. I lived among surfers for a long time when I was a teen. My house was across from the ocean and storms were popular because they would bring big waves, That would be nice to have, an app that predicts the height of the waves in the next 24 hours or so. But that probably exists already?

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